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The Cooperative Advantage

COOPERATIVE: To work together toward a common purpose.
ADVANTAGE: A factor conducive to success.

In small-town Iowa and in the nation's largest cities, cooperatives are thriving. That's because consumers are grasping the advantages of the cooperative way of doing business.

They like the fact that co-ops are local and member-controlled, concerned about communities and people. They value that cooperatives are not-for-profit and that owners share in the financial benefits of the business.

Today, in Iowa approximately 650,000 people receive power from electric cooperatives. In the nation, more than 100 million people are members of 47,000 U.S. cooperatives, enabling consumers to secure a wide array of goods and services such as health care, insurance, housing, food, heating fuel, hardware, credit unions, child care and utility services. 

Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives
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