Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives


IAEC and our member co-ops are committed to improving the quality of life for the communities we serve. In fact, 'concern for the community' is one of the seven principles that guide all not-for-profit electric cooperatives.

No two cooperatives are alike, so each has developed a unique set of programs that fit the needs of the communities they serve. To learn more about each cooperative, you'll find a list of our member cooperatives in the About/Links section of our site.

College Scholarships and Lineman Training Programs

Iowa's electric cooperatives truly believe education is a essential to building a strong community. Cooperatives back up this belief by offering scholarships for college or lineman training.

Iowa Youth Tour

Since 1958, Iowa's electric cooperatives have been sending high school students to Washington, D.C. to meet their members of congress. To date, 50,000 students from rural areas and small towns all over America have participated in this unique program. Students on the tour learn about electric cooperatives, American history and U.S. government. They attend educational seminars, visit with their representatives in the House and the Senate, and see the sights around Washington, D.C. Contact your local electric cooperative or high school career center for additional information. Click to learn more. 

Community Contribution Funds

Each electric cooperative has a program for member-owners to donate funds for non-profit organizations, individuals in need and/or family emergency disasters. 

Revolving Loan Funds

To help improve the quality of life in rural Iowa, many cooperatives set up revolving loan funds that contribute to long-term improvements in the local economy. These low interest loans assist with local economic and community development projects including:

  • Job creation and retention 
  • Diversification of the local economy 
  • Improving the skills of the rural workforce 
  • Upgrading the public infrastructure to improve health, safety and/or medical care to rural residents

Financial Contributions

Many electric cooperatives financially support a wide variety of local youth programs and community organizations.  


Whether its working with the United Way, 4-H, on the baseball field or with church, you'll find many electric cooperative employees are actively involved in their local communities.  


Safety is of the utmost importance to electric cooperative employees and for our members. We are committed to providing electricity safety information in newsletters, on websites and on the radio. We've partnered with to provide safety information for our employees and members.

Products and Services

In addition to providing electricity, many cooperatives offer a variety of products and services to fit the unique needs of their member-owners:

  • Co-op Connections Card
  • Energy efficiency programs
  • Peak demand and load management programs
  • Online shopping for energy efficiency products


We are committed to providing safe, reliable, affordable & environmentally responsible power to 650,000 Iowans.

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