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Iowa Radio Network

a. Watch dog regulations (Federal and State)
b. Coordinate new frequency applications.
c. Emergency radio rental during disaster situations.
d. Coordinate with manufacturers on purchase of equipment statewide.
e. Coordinate with G&T committee members.

Because of the major importance of clear communication in respect to safety and customer service, this is an area that is very important to the cooperatives. The radio task force insures that cooperatives use the correct frequency when ordering a radio system or upgrading their current equipment. Representatives of each G&T, along with IAEC representation serve as an advisory group. The individuals keep current on regulations and proposed regulations, that may change the way our radio systems function in Iowa. Changing Federal Communications regulations require constant monitoring of regulations and updated equipment.

Members of the Task Force:

Scott Augsburger - Access Energy Cooperative
Dale Krohse - Central Iowa Power Cooperative
Lynn Miller - Corn Belt Power Cooperative 
Jack Elmore - Northeast Power
Dennis Hill - Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative 

Iowa Statewide Talk Around Truck to Truck Frequency:


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