Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives

Radio Codes

10-3 Stand by
10-4 O.K. (Acknowledgment)
10-7 Out of Service
10-8 In Service
10-9 Repeat - conditions bad
10-12 We have nothing for you.
10-14 Any message?
10-16 Service is restored (location)
10-19 Return to base or station
10-20 What is your location?
10-21 Call by telephone.
10-36 What is correct time?
10-99 Restrict conversation, non-employee present.

MAYDAY - Emergency

(NOTE - Base station should repeat MAYDAY three times - all transmissions cease until MAYDAY is cleared).

We are committed to providing safe, reliable, affordable & environmentally responsible power to 650,000 Iowans.

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