Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives

Field / Facility Observations

Purpose: To get an every day look at operations and activities to identify areas that may cause immediate or future incidents that may result in injury to the employee or damage to cooperative property.

Sample: Field observations shall be performed at least weekly by supervisory personnel with a written report submitted to manager for inclusion in monthly board report.

i. Facility

  1. NEC compliance
  2. General OSHA compliance
  3. Adopted Operating Procedures compliance
  4. EPA compliance
  5. DOT compliance
  6. RUS compliance
  7. FCC compliance
  8. Safety Accreditation Compliance
  9. Local code compliance
  10. Cooperative policy compliance

ii. Field

  1. Job briefing compliance
  2. Personal Protective Equipment compliance
  3. Adopted Operating Procedures Compliance
  4. Equipment Operation compliance - DOT - ANSI - OSHA
  5. Iowa One Call compliance
  6. NESC compliance
  7. Local code compliance

Field Observation:
Field Observation Form

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