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A little effort can pay BIG dividends

May 18, 2007

The average Iowa family spends more than half of its annual household energy bill on heating and cooling. That's a significant number, but you can dramatically reduce these costs � up to 30 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy - by making some simple energy-saving weatherization and insulation improvements to your home. The first book in the Home Series, Home Tightening, Insulation and Ventilation, will guide you through ways to begin reducing your energy costs.

How to get your free copy of the Energy Center�s Home Series Home Tightening, Insulation and Ventilation publication:

* Call your gas or electric utility to see if you can stop by to pick up a copy of the book

* Download a PDF of the book at:

* Send your request to iec@energy.iastate.edu

* Call (515) 294-8819 to order a copy by mail

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