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Burning wood?

May 18, 2007

Burn only good wood - never burn trash, plastics, paper, driftwood, treated wood, artificial wood or pine boughs. Burn "pressed" logs only in an open fireplace, never in a closed stove.
Keep a supply of dry kindling on hand.

Never use flammable liquids, charcoal starter, lighter fluid, gasoline, or other combustibles to ignite a fire.
Purchase firewood in advance and insist that it is well split and seasoned (covered and dried for at least six months). Burning green (partially dried) wood produces creosote, damages the chimney and gives off offensive odors. Use only seasoned wood!

Use quality firewood. Although any well-seasoned wood can be burned safely with correct fire temperature, hardwoods (oak, ash, locust, hickory) because of their density produce more heat and less creosote than softwoods (pine, fir, spruce).

Tips provied by Raymond Silhanek, Owner
Sawdust Enterprises


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