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Farmers returning to the field urged to look up for power lines

April 10, 2011

Any part of an implement that can touch a power line offers a potential path to the ground for the electric current.  Farm equipment operators who are working on the ground with the equipment can become the path for the deadly current flow.  Such equipment not only includes large tillage equipment, but antennas, grain augers, auger wagons, and truck beds with hydraulic lifts.
As spring fieldwork begins, inspect entry points at fields. If wires are low, do not attempt to tighten them or temporarily raise them; instead, contact your local electric cooperative.  Electric distribution lines along rural roads can carry thousands of volts and only professional utility line workers are qualified to make any adjustments.
And any deep tiling operation outside of normal field boundaries can become perilous if a ripping knife hooks onto a buried power line.  Before enlarging a field, installing a foundation for a new building, or digging in an area served by a power line contact Iowa One Call and they will in turn contact your electric cooperative to have buried cables marked.


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