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The Electric Cooperative Story (video): October is Cooperatives Month!

September 27, 2011

In small-town Iowa and in the nation's largest cities, cooperatives are thriving. That's because consumers are grasping the advantages of the cooperative way of doing business. They like the fact that co-ops are local and member-controlled, concerned about communities and people. They value that cooperatives are not-for-profit and that owners share in the financial benefits of the business.


Since 1930, October has been designated as National Cooperative Month, providing co-ops with an opportunity to explain the co-op difference. The story of how electric cooperatives were built -- not by big businesses looking for profit but by ordinary people working together -- makes the "Cooperative Way" an American success story we can all be proud of.

The Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives, formed in 1942, is the statewide association representing 35 distribution cooperatives in Iowa and seven generation and transmission cooperatives serving approximately 650,000 Iowans in each of the state’s 99 counties.  The central mission of Iowa’s electric cooperatives is to deliver power that’s reliable, affordable, safe and environmentally responsible.

Iowa’s electric cooperatives positively impact Iowa’s economy by investing in the local economy – payrolls, purchases and delivery of services resulted in a $1.2 billion impact in 2009. New construction, facility upgrades and replacement, and energy efficiency program investments have contributed to a 95 percent increase compared to 2003.

Video produced by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.



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