Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives

CCAC Policy Proposals

Clean and renewable energy subcommittee policy proposals:          

1. Increased Education
2. Technology Initiatives, Including Renewables
3. Compliance with a Federal Cap and Trade System
4. Establishment of Decarbonization Fund
5. Carbon Tax (economy wide)
6. Emissions Reduction Performance Standard (50 percent reduction by 2050)
7. Voluntary Greenhouse Gas Commitments
8. Construction of one 1,200-MW nuclear power plant in Iowa
9. Incentives for Grid-Based Renewable Energy and Development
10. Transmission System Upgrading
11. Research and Development for Emerging Technologies and Corresponding Initiatives
12. Encouragement of investment in Distributed Generation/Co-Generation
13. Incentives for further development of Combined Heat and Power
14. Pricing Strategies to Promote Renewable Energy and/or CHP
Energy efficiency and conservation subcommittee policy proposals:

1. Demand-Side Management/Energy-Efficiency Programs for Electricity
2. Improved Building Codes for Energy Efficiency
3. Promotion and Incentives for Improved Design and Construction in the Private Sector
4. Training and Education for Builders and Contractors
5. Focus on Specific Residential Market Segments
6. Support the Midwestern Governors’ Association Energy Security and Climate Stewardship Platform
7. Rate Structures and Promotions to Promote Reductions
8. Consumer Education Programs
Cross-cutting issues subcommittee policy proposals:

1. GHG Inventories, Forecasting, Reporting and Registry
2. Statewide Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals and Targets
3. State and Local Government Greenhouse Gas Emissions
4. Public Education and Outreach
5. Seek Funding for Implementation of Iowa Climate Change Advisory Council Recommendations
6. Implement a state Climate Change Adaption Plan to identify and address the impacts of climate change.
7. Participate in Regional and Multi-State GHG Reduction Efforts.
8. Creation of Business Oriented Organization to Facilitate Investment in Climate Related Business Opportunities and to Share Information, Strategies and Support Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals

We are committed to providing safe, reliable, affordable & environmentally responsible power to 650,000 Iowans.

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