Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives


Members of the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives receive a variety of benefits and services designed to support their best interests and protect their investments. We can accomplish collectively what no one cooperative can do alone. 

Here are just some of the benefits our members can expect:

  • Mutual aid when crisis or disaster hits
  • Enacting a statewide disaster plan to restore power quickly and safely during emergencies
  • A central voice to lobby for helpful legislation on the state and national levels
  • A reference point for all current laws and regulations
  • Professional development opportunities for employees and directors
  • Youth outreach programs
  • Communication resources and public relations support
  • A forum for professionals within the industry to share ideas and best practices
  • Track industry trends and identify potential challenges and opportunities
  • Operations training and guidance with consistency across the state
  • Negotiation with state agencies
  • Regulatory compliance services
  • Job and safety training, including on-site training 
  • Living with Energy in Iowa magazine, which is distributed to more than 50,000 co-op households each month

To learn more about membership benefits, please contact Chuck Soderberg, Executive Vice President of IAEC.

Iowa's locally owned electric cooperatives are committed to providing safe, reliable, affordable & environmentally responsible power to 650,000 Iowans.

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