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The Employee Benefits department is responsible for managing the IAEC Health Care Plan and the plans sponsored by Hawkeye Insurance Association (HIA). The department also performs all human resources and payroll services for IAEC staff.

IAEC Health Care Plan

In the 1970s, IAEC established a health care plan to provide broad coverage to employees and directors of participating cooperatives. The IAEC Health Care Plan offers the benefits of group health care insurance and top-rate service from experienced health care administrators. A subscribing employer can select varying levels of premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. Any rural electric cooperative located within the geographical boundaries of Iowa is eligible to apply for membership in the plan. Current members can log-in to our members-only section to access additional information.

Hawkeye Insurance Association 

Hawkeye Insurance Association is an unincorporated association providing group insurance and pension benefits to employees of participating electric cooperatives. Any electric cooperative or like organization is eligible to be an active member. Current members can log in to our members-only section to access additional information.

Photo of Tim Falk

Tim Falk, CEBS / Benefits Director / 515-727-8940 office

Tim Falk joined IAEC as the Benefits Director in 2007 and has more than 25 years of experience in employee benefits, 15 years working exclusively with multiple employer plans. Tim is also a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist. 





Photo of Chris CroneChris Crone / Benefits Specialist / 515-727-8948 office

Chris has been with IAEC since 2011 and was previously employed at the Iowa Farm Bureau and Echo Publications. Chris is also actively involved with the Waukee YMCA, where she has more than five years of experience as the office manager and payroll specialist.

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