Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives


The Regulatory Affairs Department is responsible for many issues with the executive and judicial branches of government. The department also manages model documents, energy efficiency reports, and other policy projects on behalf of our member co-ops. Additionally, we monitor industry trends and issues that may affect our members or future policy.

Photo of Regi GoodaleRegi Goodale / Director of Regulatory Affairs / 515-727-8949 office

Regi has served as Director of Regulatory Affairs at IAEC since 1998. With more than 30 years of regulatory experience, he has been developing utility strategy, providing counsel, and executing tactical components for a broad range of industry issues that have spanned across all three branches of federal and state government. 





Photo of Ethan HohenadelEthan Hohenadel / Regulatory Specialist / 515-727-8954 office

With a decade of experience at IAEC, Ethan primarily focuses on data collection and regulatory compliance. He helps our co-op members comply with Iowa Utilities Board rules and regulations and assists members in making required filings such as the energy efficiency reports and utility tariffs. Ethan will serve as the chair of the Iowa Association for Energy Efficiency in 2019.

Iowa's locally owned electric cooperatives are committed to providing safe, reliable, affordable & environmentally responsible power to 650,000 Iowans.

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