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NEWS RELEASE: Rural electric cooperatives meet with congressional delegation during DC fly-in

September 18, 2014

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Rural electric cooperatives meet with congressional delegation during DC fly-in
Members focus on extended comment period on new EPA rule, action on FEMA storm recovery funding denial

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Members of the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives wrap up their DC fly-in today by meeting with members of Iowa’s congressional delegation on issues impacting their ability to provide reliable and affordable power to rural Iowa. 

“Iowa’s congressional delegation has always been a strong partner with rural electric cooperatives. We appreciate their willingness to once again meet with our members during their visit to Washington,” said Marion Denger, president of the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives. “We have asked for their support on two of the most pressing issues facing electric cooperatives and their member-consumers, the extension of the public comment period before the EPA imposes a new rule on carbon emissions and our continued appeal of FEMA’s denial of storm recovery funding.”

Under a proposed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule, existing coal power plants would be required to implement costly, new technology or eliminate coal as a potential fuel source. Iowa’s rural electric cooperatives have asked for an additional comment period to allow them and other stakeholders to evaluate the implications and provide meaningful comments. Both Senator Tom Harkin and Senator Chuck Grassley supported this extension, which was granted earlier this week.

Representatives from Iowa’s rural electric cooperatives also asked that members of the delegation continue to support their efforts to receive an explanation from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) regarding their denial of storm recovery funding. 

Iowa’s electric cooperatives are seeking explanation from FEMA Region VII as to why rural electric cooperatives in other FEMA regions, experiencing similar damage in a similar timeframe, had their applications for assistance approved while rural electric cooperatives in Iowa had their applications denied.

Today marks the final day of the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives visit to Washington, D.C. Members from rural electric cooperatives across the state were represented on the trip.



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